About Us

The Ferier brand offers complementary services in the field of air catering since 2014.

The Ferier company adapts to the needs of each passenger, focusing on the highest quality of dishes. Individually prepared meals are directed to clients of charter, low-cost and VIP passengers.

We introduce a fresh menu, which is constantly improved, responding to all the requirements of passengers. Not only taste and aesthetic, but also cultural and religious.

The key words for the Ferier brand are:
safety, taste and price. As the supplier of the best catering Ferier cares about the right ratio of dishes to the price. We have the HACCP certificate (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), which provides customers with a product that is safe in terms of health and hygiene.


  • Timely service of air operations
  • no problems related to the implementation of loading, reloading of aircraft in the event of changes
  • 24-hour call grid control


  • Providing the highest quality meals to the supplier
  • carefully prepared sets and containers
  • no negative reports from crews
  • timely service


  • Take additional actions to satisfy customers
  • readiness for changes
  • speed of reaction in crisis situations
  • monitoring and change of loading aimed at improving sales