We offer a wide range of catering and inflight services:

  • Catering ( meals according to customer requirements and the health care or religious
  • VIP, business and goverment flights catering services
  • In -flight (cart packing, delivery and galley loading)
  • Selection of buy-on-board meals
  • Retail solutions (food, baverages, boutique goods, including duty free)
  • Catering equipment management (disposable and rotable equipment)
  • Catering equipment – cleaning, inventory and storage of in our facilities
  • Bonded store service – purchase, assembly, storage and inventory management
  • Retail solutions/ Duty Free Sales Handling (process control from product range selection to
  • Warehouse services, stock management, supply chain management
  • Payment processing
  • Crew meals
  • Support Services (i.e. irregularities, INADs, etc).
  • Fresh flowers arrangement and delivery
  • Reading material supply and distribution
  • Laundry services